Food at Camp Pennbrook Wellness Camp

Our Inspiration:

At Camp Pennbrook, we ensure inclusion of healthy eating habits for children and teenagers. We have a meal plan which is inspired by ‘My Plate’ based on the U.S. Department of Agriculture in order to make Camp Pennbrook wellness camp one of the most well-rounded camps. This certified plan focuses on natural and whole food focused meals. The food we include is authentic, which is a combination of nutrition and taste. We emphasize portion control and less fat consumption, all while teaching the importance of adding more fruits, vegetables, protein, and whole grains to their diets.

Our Beliefs:

We have always believed in the philosophy that ‘Food is fuel. Not therapy.’ Based on this philosophy, we teach our campers healthful food choices while including correct portions. With this diverse approach, they can choose to eat the right food in moderation. Our eating program is simplistic and is not a food deprivation plan. This minimalistic program can also be continued after camp.

Our Goals:

At Camp Pennbrook, our goals are to:
– Teach campers how to understand and practice mindful eating.
– Teach campers how to approach health in a weight neutral manner.
– Teach campers how to abandon harmful weight control behaviors such as calorie counting and restricting.
– Teach campers how to mesh fitness and healthy eating, and how to implement these habits into their daily lives.

Our Food:

Each day our wellness camp provides 3 full meals and 2 small snacks for the campers to enjoy. The meals and the snacks are carefully prepared to incorporate all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that each child requires to feel healthy. We teach the campers that their favorite food such as pizza
and hamburgers can be a part of their healthy and active lifestyle; when selected with the right ingredients and consumed in right portions.
Note: If your child is a little picky, we do have other meal substitutions. It is our top priority to teach and encourage your daughters to try new things. We have a diverse plan that can accommodate even the pickiest children at Camp Pennbrook.

See a sample camp menu:

camp pennbrook weightloss camp food menufood at camp pennbrook weightloss camp food menu

Our Science:

Food is a major component of a kid’s overall wellness. Camp Pennbrook’s meal plan is specially designed so your daughters will be able to receive all of the necessary nutrients, minerals, and supplements for their daily dietary needs while also contributing to their weight loss camp goals. The average amount of calories consumed is incorporated and it’s approximately 1600-1700 calories in a day. This plan has been designed by our Registered Dietician based off of age and daily activity level.

The follow-up after Camp Pennbrook

We have a follow-up program after camp to ensure that each camper has all of the tools and information to stay on track. We also provide the camper with continuous guidance after camp ends. There is a provision of booklets and newsletters with the help of which the campers can continue practicing the healthy habits learned at our wellness camp. In this booklet, there is information about nutrition, exercise regime, meal plan templates, and other motivational items to assist your child with staying on track. There is a special facility for individualized support and counseling for nutrition that is available both in person and online. Feel free to ask our experts from wherever you are. We will be here to provide you with the solutions to your questions. We provide all the support that you seek! There is a reason we have been in business for so long as being one of the premiere weight loss camps in the United States.