Camper Testimonials

“Camp Pennbrook was an amazing experience for me. I needed that push. It gave me the willpower I needed to go home and lose the rest of the weight I needed to. At camp I lost 31 lbs and since August I have lost 45 lbs. I feel great and I can’t thank the camp enough. I learned so much about food and exercises. My biggest problem was the food because I enjoyed the workouts, but I wasn’t educated on nutritional facts. Being at the camp taught me all that I need to know, so not only do I portion everything out, I actually eat healthier and sort out foods that are more beneficial for me.”*
– Tiffany

“Camp Pennbrook changed my life! I would never have been able to reach my weight loss goals without the support of the campers and staff. My experience at Pennbrook transformed me, inside and out.”*
– Rachel, 17

“Camp Pennbrook showed me all the hard work you put in, you get it back with results.”*
– Alyssa, 13

Parent Testimonials


“I sent my 13 year old bookist, mildly overweight, socially anxious daughter to Camp Pennbrook in June 2016 and three weeks later, I got back a confident adventurous teenage who had become comfortable in her own skin. My daughter lost about 6 pounds during her stay, and gained a spirit of adventure and a willingness to step outside of her comfort zone. For example, she took a few tennis lessons at Camp Pennbrook, enjoyed the game, continued lessons after arriving home, and with a little encouragement from her home tennis instructor, ended up trying out for her schools’s Middle School Tennis Team (and even made the team!)
Since returning from Camp Pennbrook she now reads food labels closely and chooses foods based on their nutrition content and calorie count. She said to me a few weeks ago ‘I finally figured out the balance between exercise and eating.’ This is a direct result of the teachings at Camp Pennbrook. Camp Pennbrook is truly one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”*


“Thank you so much for being there and being dedicated to your girls. Kim had a challenging summer, having never been away from home that long before, but she pulled through with the guidance and encouragement from everyone there.”*
– Claudia

“Before my daughter left for camp, she was pre-diabetic. When she came from camp, she was a new person. She has continued to stay on-plan and work out. Her lab work has completely turned around and she is now healthier and happier. I cannot thank you enough; your camp has changed her view on food and healthy living. Thank you.”*
– Lauren

“If anyone expresses a concern about their daughter’s weight or food intake, I will definitely recommend your camp. She looks fantastic and she is very conscientious about what she eats. I feel as if I made the right decision for her. Thank you so much.”*
– Denise

“My daughter, Jennifer, attended Camp this summer and had an absolutely fantastic time. Thank you all so much for creating such a nurturing and fun atmosphere. She cried when she got home because she missed all her new friends so much.”*
– Janis

“Teaching at Camp Pennbrook for the summer of 2011 helped to change my entire life. It was a summer of fun, hard work, self discipline, and insane laughter. Most importantly, it allowed me to make friends I never thought existed. The staff at Camp Pennbrook allowed me to realize there are genuine people in this world who do really care about you. I have made friends at Camp Pennbrook I will never find anywhere else. I know how hard it can be to start off at square one. I was once very close to 300 pounds and know if I can hit my weight loss goal, so can anyone! It was so rewarding watching my hardworking campers completely transform their bodies and minds in my classes. As I walked around the class, I could really see how badly they wanted to reach their own personal victories. They were reaching beyond what they ever thought they could do. Whether it was one of my strength training, boot camp, abdominal, or hot yoga classes, these girls showed 110% and wow did the difference show! Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone!”*
– Lori, Fitness Instructor

*Weight loss varies by the individual based on their body and metabolism and how much weight they need to lose. We cannot guarantee a specific weight loss.