If you feel that your weight loss motivation is decreasing, then you need to know that you are not alone. Most people who start with their weight loss journey will experience hurdles sooner or later. We all begin with the highest level of motivation when eating healthy and saying no to junk seems wholly reasonable and natural. But there comes a day when you just want to give into the temptations that you have been holding back. Falling off schedule for a day or two is normal, but the real problem begins when you become unmotivated. This is the time when you are alone.

Motivation is not something that you wait for to happen, instead, it is something that comes naturally to you when you are willing to make positive changes in your life. When trying to lose weight, food is the most crucial component that builds as well as destroys the entire momentum. Exercise is equally important, but we all know what we eat, we become.

Here are 5 best tips that will help you stay motivated to lose weight:

Realistic expectations

The most significant mistake most commonly made by people is an unrealistic goal. Face it; you can’t lose all your extra weight, fat, cellulite and inches in a month. It takes a lot of time, hard work, discipline and time to achieve the goals you set. Analyze your body, give your body the desired time it needs to reach where you want it to be. Keep into account your metabolism, strength, endurance, time, and daily schedule while you set your weight loss goals. This way it will be easier to continue on your weight loss journey.

Journal the process

Focusing only on the outcome can derail you from your weight loss journey. Keep process goals in mind, and when the goals are adequately journaled, it adds a positive influence on your motivation levels. Maintain a daily journal and keep a record of everything you do on a regular basis. Whenever you are unable to follow your schedule, document the reason, and give a solution for the next time a similar situation occurs.

Question your habits

Whenever you feel that your weight loss journey is derailing, question your habits. Why are you spending so much time watching television? Why does your eating habits exceed your appetite? Why do you always pick up chips and muffins to snack on from the pantry? Why is it that you have not been able to go for that brisk routine walk in the last two days? Answer these questions and most importantly never forget to ask yourself what will happen if I continue this pattern of habits for the next six months? The answers to these questions will most likely bring you back on track.

Be competitive

Research states that when you are working together in a weight loss group, the chances that you will deviate from the original path are reduced. Most people work harder because of their competitive spirit. Competition brings a lot of self-discipline, consistency and genuine intent to push beyond your limits.

Surround yourself  with positivity

If you surround yourself with people and activities that are related to the weight loss process and goals, the chances of deviation are reduced considerably. It’s advised to plan your grocery shopping and keep healthy foods stocked in your kitchen. Hang your workout outfit behind the changing room doors, bedroom doors and in the closet. And yes, a motivating screensaver and laptop backdrop will never hurt.

There can be as many ways to stay motivated as you want them to be, but the real change happens when you start thinking positively about it. Stop criticizing yourself and love the body you own. Think of weight loss as a process of self-improvement and focus on getting closer to your goals for your development.