Weight Loss Camp Promotes National Nutrition Month

This year’s National Nutrition Month theme is “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle.” Which at Camp Pennbrook means promoting lifestyle changes in order to live a healthier life. Not only do our campers come to weight loss camp to lose weight, they also learn healthy and sustainable eating habits that will help keep the weight off.

Our Registered Dietitian teaches campers that a healthier lifestyle combines physical activity and a healthy diet.  It is important to watch our food intake and make wise food decisions, as well as, incorporating physical activity into our daily routine. More importantly having a healthier lifestyle not only helps you lose weight it also improves your overall heath and sense of well-being.

Registered Dietitian, Ximena Jimenez, for the Eat Right Organization, recommends doing 60 minutes of physical activity a day as well as choosing nutrient-rich foods and beverages, and offers tips for healthful food choices:


  • At every meal, fill half your plate with a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.
  • Make at least half the grains you eat whole grains, such as whole-wheat bread and pasta, quinoa, oats and brown rice. Check the food label, the first ingredient listed should be “whole grain” or “whole wheat.”
  • Choose healthy protein sources, such as lean meats and poultry, seafood, beans and peas, eggs and nuts and seeds.
  • Eat low-fat dairy foods. If you’re sensitive to lactose, try calcium-fortified soy beverages.
  • Limit foods with added fats, sugars and salt.

For more information about National Nutrition Month visit www.eatright.org.


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