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Tori’s Holiday Tips!

  Happy Holidays! It’s hard to believe camp ended in August and we’re going into the Holiday Season. But the Holidays can be hard… surrounded by tons of food at parties and family dinners, the crisp, chilly air can make it hard to motivate yourself to get outside, and it gets dark out so early.…
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Holiday Tips

By: Joanna Matalliano As much as I can't believe it is already the holidays and not the hot-sunny days at camp, I am so excited to be writing to you all about how to survive through the holiday season with health and fitness! As it gets cold outside, it gets harder and harder to get…
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Camp Pennbrook more than a weight loss camp

Camp Pennbrook is more than a weight loss camp. It is a safe environment for girls to come together and work on themselves in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Every summer we welcome 150 girls from different states, countries and backgrounds. It is amazing to watch all these different girls come together and help…
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