Camp Pennbrook: More Than A Weight Loss Camp For Kids


Camp Pennbrook is the only exclusive girls’ health, wellness camp and fitness camp for kids and teens in the United States! We are not just a weight loss camp for kids.

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Living a healthy lifestyle is something that is important for everyone. That is why
Camp Pennbrook seeks to create an environment that promotes overall wellness
for every camper. We are not just a weight loss camp for kids.  Camp Pennbrook is set apart from competitors because we
prioritize preparing our campers for the future by teaching and instilling healthy
habits that campers can take home with them and implement into their regular
lives. Camp Pennbrook is a summer camp, sports camp, and wellness camp
altogether for girls.

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Physical Wellness at Camp Pennbrook:

At Camp Pennbrook, we recognize the importance of holistic wellness and the relationship that physical wellness plays in overall wellness. Campers partake in numerous sports, activities, and classes that to teach healthy habits that will increase physical wellness. With the range of physical activities we offer, many of our campers return home having found excitement and interest in a new way to exercise, like joining a sports team or participating in a fitness class at home!

Emotional Wellness at Camp Pennbrook:

At Camp Pennbrook, we recognize the importance of mental wellness and its relationship to physical health, and we strive to consistently foster self-esteem and self-confidence building. Campers are supported in returning home feeling more positively about themselves and equipped with the tools to maintain this. Throughout each day, our counselors provide campers with encouragement and promote positive thinking. Our counselors serve as supportive outlets for campers, and they are prepared in responding to issues that extend beyond physical health. Through our nutritionists, campers engage in supportive discussions about thoughts and feelings surrounding food choices and being in touch with themselves in order to make choices that fuel both body and mind. Throughout the summer, we have periodic group bonding times that focus on promoting self-confidence and supporting one another at our wellness camp. During weekly Sunday Celebration, campers are encouraged to share about their own growth moments and highlight those they have seen in others.