weight loss programs for teens

Weight Loss Programs For Teens Tips

Living through your teenage years comes with a lot of changes, hormonally, physically, mentally, and emotionally. With all of these changes taking place, it’s helpful to maintain weight loss programs for teens in order to also manage your social life, balance that with school, keep an eye on your future, oh and while doing that maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. With this daunting balancing act sometimes we let a few things slip in between the cracks. That’s natural and that’s what this article is about. We have some simple weight loss tips and weight loss programs for teens tips which you can include in your daily life to have a healthy weight loss journey, many of which we teach at our weight loss camp.

Weight Loss Programs For Teens Tips: Find Your Inspiration

The first step for losing weight is to seek for right inspiration. Find something which you can make as your aim for your weight loss journey. Having a proper aim will give the definition to the whole process.

weight loss programs for teens

Weight Loss Programs For Teens Tips

Increase your water intake

Water is essential for the body as it helps to detoxify and remove the toxic waste accumulated in our body. Having at least 3L of water in a day will keep you full and will act as a detoxifier.

Eat whole food items

Fibrous and whole food items are important for the weight loss as they get absorbed in the body easily and provide nutrients, minerals, proteins, and all the other goodness to your body. Incorporating such kind of food provides reduced risk of diseases and helps you maintain your health.


Skipping meals is the worst you can do to your body. This could lead to hunger pangs which will ultimately make you eat more than your body requires. Prefer eating 3 meals and two snacks in a day.

Say ‘NO’ to processed food

Munching a bag of chips, French fries, pizzas, etc. is loved by most of us. But, this is really unhealthy. The unsaturated fats and sugar in such items can lead to rapid weight gain which you need to avoid. Our meal plan is based on the U.S. Dept of Agriculture’s “My Plate”. We offer three meals a day and daily afternoon and evening snacks.

Avoid eating late night

Being awake till late in the nights is a common practice by the teenagers. While waking up late, most of the teens often make this mistake of eating heavy meals at the awkward time. While we are not doing any physical work the calories won’t be utilized. So, avoid consuming food when your body is on rest mode.


No one denies the fact that exercising contributes 30% of the fat loss. Physical work of any form be it walking, running, hiking, hitting a gym, etc. can help you reduce weight by burning those extra calories present in your body. Include any form of workout in your daily routine to impart fitness of both body and mind. We at Camp Pennbrook wellness camp take all of these factors under consideration in our weight loss camp activities, which makes it one of the best weight loss programs for teens.

Keep track

You should measure the weight, the inches lost/gained, the calorie count, etc on a regular basis. Keeping a record of all these things will benefit you in knowing your progress.

Stay motivated

It is a usual practice that we start the whole regime with all the enthusiasm we can gather from the universe but fail to continue after some time. Do not let anything come across. Stay motivated throughout your weight loss journey.

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Follow these simple tips and tricks of weight loss programs for teens and you will be good to go. Keep these things in mind and incorporate them in your daily life and you will notice a quick change into your body. Feel happy and confident. If you find this article interesting and want to join a weight loss program for teens or would like to know more about Camp Pennbrook weight loss camp, click here to learn more! Or fill out the form below.


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