Dear Parents & Prospective Campers,

We hope that everyone is safe and adjusting to some sort of home routine.  All of our weight loss camp sessions and programs as of now are taking place as scheduled, unless the school that hosts our program or any agencies in those areas impose restrictions for the summer. In the meantime, here are some questions you should be asking regarding this coming summer at Camp Pennbrook:


1)  Can you tell us about the background and qualifications of your medical staff? 
We have trained medical staff on campus and are fortunate to have 3 of last years nurses returning this summer. Samantha, Ruth and Sara, who know the campers and staff and are familiar with the facilities. The medical staff are very experienced in their field and know how to treat sick and injured campers and will have an orientation on Covid-19, and actions to take. They can also detect any signs and symptoms before anyone else.


2) What medical resources are close to your campus? 
The George School is less than 1/2 mile (1 minute) from St. Marys Hospital in Yardley, PA, which is a major trauma facility. A number of urgent care and doctors offices are only 5 minutes away.  We are not in the woods so prompt medical care is only minutes away.


3) What protocols and procedures will you follow if Covid-19 in on campus?  Which parties are influencing your Summer Camp decisions? 
We have received a lot of information and regular updates from the American Camping Association, along with the operations director of our school who in turn are in touch with the local authorities. We will abide by any medical decisions and protocol that they deem appropriate. The camp’s medical staff has a plan in place to protect other campers should one get sick.


4) What happens if school is extended into the summer? Do you have any other options that will permit you to start the program later in the summer? 
As of now, camp starts on Saturday, June 20th and runs through Saturday, August 8th. At some point, we may have to change the start date so that you can still attend this summer, and attend sessions later in the summer, or possibly provide an alternate site location. The minimum stay at Camp Pennbrook is still two weeks and our dates are flexible.


5) How can we stay updated on Covid-19?
 There are many resources available including the CDC. Also, you can check with your individual state as well as the state of Pennsylvania and the local government and your travel carriers, including airlines, busses, and trains.


6) How will Camp Pennbrook wellness camp keep us updated with any changes or new information?
 As new information becomes available we will update parents by email and social media (Camp Pennbrook Facebook, Camp Pennbrook Instagram, etc).


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