Nutrition at Camp Pennbrook Wellness Camp


Our meal and nutrition program is based on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate. We offer 3 meals a day and daily afternoon and evening snacks. This meal plan reflect the proper emphasis on portion control, less fat consumption while teaching the important of adding more fruits, vegetables, protein and whole grains to their diets. We are affiliated with Professional Food Services which operates on a year round basis. Along with our registered dietitian, our Culinary chefs have developed a delicious and satisfying menu to expose campers to healthier and more satisfying meals. At the same time they’ll learn how to control their weight by eating in a healthy manner and develop new habits in our weight loss camp. Campers are surprised that our menus are 90 percent “kid friendly” so they can still enjoy most of their favorite foods. They will learn how to make healthier choices in restaurants, school lunches, family vacations and during the holidays, when they return from Camp Pennbrook weight loss camp.

We offer culinary arts and cooking classes so the girls get a first look at how we prepare their favorite meals from camp. It is a great opportunity for our campers to exchange ideas with our nutritionists and plan ahead for when they go back home. Campers are always excited to go home and teach their families the tasty meals we offer at one of the best wellness camps in the country. 

Camp Pennbrook has designed a nutrition course in which we cover a wide array of topics we find important for the girls in order to be successful with the food program when they return home from our wellness camp. We teach them that, in order to improve their health, they need to make changes that will last a lifetime. Campers learn who to take action by balancing calories, choosing the right portions, and increasing their fruit and vegetable consumption along with reducing the sugary drinks, high fats, and high sodium food (no cookies, cake or junk foods at camp).

Campers also learn to properly read food labels along with applying these tools when they go out. Their journey is not an easy one and when eating out, temptations always are in front of us. We teach our campers how to live a healthier lifestyle and make the right choices to guarantee success.

At our fitness camp we offer a daily cardio workout. Campers can choose from step, aerobics, Zumba, kickboxing, boot camps, and more. In addition campers will enjoy daily activities such as swimming, tennis, basketball, arts and crafts, cooking, hikes softball, volleyball, flag football, and kickball. We believe that by combing fun, fitness, athletics activities and daily workouts, each camper will enjoy their day at Camp Pennbrook fitness camp and develop a more active lifestyle.

As part of our program, each camper has a one on one session with one of our nutritionists. Each camper receives a packet which includes menus, recipes, helpful hints and information that was discussed in their rap and group classes The nutritionist and the camper review all the topics and things she will need in order to continue or maintain their weight management at home.