Typical Day At Camp Pennbrook

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At Camp Pennbrook, we have created a program to fit all the needs of your camper. Our Monday through Saturday schedule includes 4 activities that are fun and interactive. We have a free choice period in which campers can choose from 3-4 activities. The day ends with an all-camp evening activity that can range from capture the flag to karaoke dance party. Sundays focus on rest, relaxation, and most importantly fun! On Sundays, campers get to sleep in late and then enjoy a delicious brunch! There is group exercise class and then an all-camp activity. Sundays end with a barbecue and Sunday Celebration that allows every camper to celebrate her own accomplishments that were achieved throughout the week.

See what a typical day looks like at Camp Pennbrook, not just a weight loss summer camp, here: Mock Schedule Camp Pennbrook