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2017 Dates

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Session 1 6/24–8/12 $8990
Session 2 6/24–7/16 $4050
Session 3 7/16–8/12 $4950. Year End Special: $4400
Session 4 7/23–8/12 $3690. Year End Special: $3300
Session 5 7/29–8/12 $2590. Year End Special: $2200
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(weekly holdover rate of $1350)

(please call if you have a conflict with above dates. We will try to accommodate you)

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Deposit of $500 is payable upon submission of this agreement. Payable in US funds. Balance is payable on or before May 15th. Deposits refunded in full up to May 15th upon receipt of written notification. Please make check payable to Camp Pennbrook.

The camping period set forth above includes room and board, general camping program, medical and nutritional staff. Parents, relatives, and campers agree to abide by the rules and regulations promulgated by the camp directors and staff for safety, health and well being of the camp. There will be no allowance or refunds made in the event of a late arrival or early departure. Conduct inimical to the best interest of the camp will result in discharge without benefit of refund. The camp retains the right to use for publicity purposes any photographs, likenesses, statements or letters of any enrolled camper for use in any media. The camp is not responsible for loss of any personal property, i.e. clothing, radios, cameras, walkman, etc. Parent or guardian are responsible for any incidental charges incurred by campers, i.e. special prescriptions, medical or dental charges, special off campus trips, or personal shopping needs.

The above agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties.

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