By: Joanna Matalliano

Anyone that knows me knows I do not like the snow. At all. Why? Well first of all people cannot drive in the snow (I’m taking to you Virginia). Also, who likes wet pants and squeaky shoes? What I dislike the most about winter, and snow, is what it does to our motivation. The last thing I want to do in sub-degree weather is go for a long run outside, or even step foot outside. It is SO easy to get off track with your workout routine in the winter. First, you can use Christmas as an excuse for eating a million cookies and using wrapping gifts and wrestling people in Wal-Mart for unnecessary electronics and bizarre gift sets as your outlet to physical activity. Then there’s New Years where we think “oh I’ll just start next year aka tomorrow “. Then the inner resolution-er in your gets too hype to handle and you find yourself starting the year off right with three a days and a bottle of icy hot. Until you get sick that is… and then everyone has the flu… and can’t workout.. and then it snows… and no one wants to go outside… and then the gym is closed… and then next thing you know you’re looking for a bathing suits for spring break. ¬†Okay if this is you, DON’T PANIC! Here are my tips and trick for getting back on track this winter!

Tips & Tricks
1. Get Well! Winter is the season for the cold and flu. If you’re sick get better! The best thing for recovery is rest. You’re not going to get better any sooner by trying to go crazy at the gym everyday. Give yourself a few days to rest, and fully get better. You will be able to get a better workout in once you are no longer sick and can fully concentrate on what you are doing, not looking for a tissue or a place to nap.

2. Hate the Cold? Me too. The hardest part is stepping out the door. If you need to walk to the gym and it is too cold to handle there are a few things you can do to distract yourself. The first could be to find someone to go with you. I find it a lot easier to walk in the cold when I am talking to someone else. It helps the time go by! Also try listening to music, the rhythm will help you walk a little faster and the music can also distract you from the freezing temps. If you are walking to a gym in a non-pedestrian friendly environment I do not suggest that however!

3. Way off track? It’s okay me too. Training for a marathon in the winter was probably not the best one of my ideas. First I got sick, twice, and then it snowed, a lot. Am I panicking? No. The key thing to remember is that you can’t get the days back that have passed. Being sick is going to happen. Snow is going to happen. Whether or not you give up or keep trying however is up to you! Focus on the present workout. What are you doing TODAY to get better? Every workout plan isn’t going to follow through exactly like you planned it. It’s okay to make a few adjustments. Getting back on track is up to you.

4. Snowed In? If you have yourself and a floor then you’re fine! I hope you have other things too, like food and friends… I know there is nothing better then a gym full of equipment and beautiful people but we are taking state- of -emergency- snow -storm-can’t-get-out-of-the-house stuck. Your body is just as useful as free weights and machines! Do body weight exercises (lunges, squats, push-ups, planks, wall sits etc.). Pump it up with some indoor cardio (burpees, jump squats, jump ropes, jacks, etc.). Use furniture for dips, stairs for calf raises and step ups! You might even be able to catch a group fit class on T.V.

5. Don’t Give Up. It is easy to just stop all together once the weather sometimes forces us to take a little break. It can be very discouraging when we stop seeing results, and sometimes even negative effects. Giving up won’t make anything better. Keep going!

The snow will melt, the gym will open, the sun will come out again and while we are waiting- life still goes on. Go with it.