Have you ever said to your self : its too cold outside I’m not going to work out today? Think about it once the weather starts to change we come u with excuses. The big and bulky clothes we wear over the winter not only give us warmth but also give us more room to carry extra winter weight. This is not to say that once the weather gets cold it may be harder to go jogging outside or riding our bicycles .However, instead of making excuses due to the weather we should focus on finding solutions.

There are other activities we can still do in order to maintain our active lifestyles. Some of them include:

  1. workout DVD’s ( make these a family affair)
  2. your schools indoor gyms
  3. jump rope
  4. active video games

Want to make it more fun? Go ice skating with your friends, go sledding or skiing with your family or go outside and play in the snow. The important thing is to stay active and not sit on the couch.

Studies suggest that kids loose the weight they gained in the winter during the summer since its the most active season for everyone. Attending weight loss camp helps not only with the winter gain but also with a new healthy approach towards nutrition and fitness.

Don’t let the different holidays affect your workouts and healthy lifestyle. Always make exercise and staying active a priority by planning ahead.