Halloween Tips

Hi Girls,

Isn’t the year going quickly- I couldn’t quite believe it when I realized Halloween is just around the corner which means one thing: it’s almost holiday season. This time of year is always tricky and I thought Halloween would be a great chance to think about having foods you enjoy but in moderation. Halloween is the time of year when candy and treats are everywhere and it’s hard to resist that temptation- the good news is we can have these treats and don’t need to miss out on all the fun we just need to think about 3 things-
Frequency- how often are we going to have these treats
Amount- how much of these treats are we going to have
Type- what kind of treats can chose

Top tips for handling Halloween:

·         After going trick or treating spend some time sorting out your candy- chose your favorites and put them into a jar to keep, all those which aren’t your favorites give to friends/family or a local shelter

·         Instead of eating all your candy in one go spread your candy out, have one piece as a snack each day or every other day so you still get to enjoy these treats just in moderation

·         Store candy out of sight- if it’s on show you’re more likely to pick at it and want to eat it

·         Always opt for fun-size candy bars or single serving bags of candy

·         Parents talk to your daughter before she goes out trick or treating- set some ground rules agree how much she will keep/give away, agree on a ‘treat schedule’ of how much candy can be consumed each day, this will help make it clear for everyone

·         Try giving out alternative snacks this year- baked unsalted bags of pretzels, sugar free gum, animal graham crackers, fruit leathers made with 100% real fruit, wholegrain cheddar crackers all come in handy single serving sizes and are still tasty treats to enjoy!

·         Offer non food-based treats;  items such as Halloween themed pencils, pens, stickers, bouncy balls and temporary tattoos all go down great with children!

·         If you’re at a Halloween party remember everything in moderation- it’s okay to have the treats on offer just remember portion sizes, opt for healthier alternatives and suss out what’s on offer before choosing food, sticking to one trip to the buffet table can help to stop nibbling and going back for seconds!

·         Think about what you drink especially at parties- drinks can easily stack up the calories opt for water, diet soda, water with sugar free flavorings such as crystal light or dilute fruit juice with water for a longer drink. Remember what you saw in Healthcorps it’s easy for drinks to contain a lot of sugar without you even noticing!


REMEMBER candy as with anything can be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle; it’s all about moderation and making smart choices

Love Hannah xxx