Statistics show that nearly half of the nation’s girls are unhappy with their bodies. I was once one of those girls. Constantly questioning how I looked and why did I look the way I did. Luckily I grew up in a loving and supportive environment in which I was reminded every day how beautiful and how loved I was. Still with this outpouring love from my family I still felt “bigger” than the rest and different from all my friends.

At 12 years old I asked to go to weight loss camp. Little did I know that what was once a summer away from home to lose weight would turn into an amazing journey of self-discovery and empowerment. During my stay at weigh loss camp I went through ups and down but the end result was amazing. I left feeling confident and better about myself.

High School years weren’t easy and eventually some of the weight came back. I was too focused on getting into college and didn’t make the time for myself. Spring semester of my sophomore year I had revelation and realized that if I didn’t make the right changes now it could be too late. I started to eat healthier and work out 4 days a week and before I knew it I had dropped almost 20 lbs. on my own. This amazing feeling made me want to go back to that weight loss camp that once made me felt that good and give back to all those girls.

I have been working at Camp Pennbrook for the past 9 summer of my life. Yes that is correct 9 summers. Every summer I’m inspired and amazed by what we do at our weight loss camp and how confident our girls leave at the end of the summer. Spending a summer in a nonjudgmental environment in which you are encouraged every day to be your best is the most amazing way to spend a summer away from home.

Weight loss camps are more than just a place to actually lose the weight. It is a place to spend your summers working on your inner self and rebuild your confidence so you feel empowered to do anything you want in life. If you ever have the opportunity to go to weight loss camp, please do, I promise you won’t regret it.