Every summer at Camp Pennbrook we teach our campers how to make their favorite meals in a healthier manner. Many of them are surprised to learn that they can still enjoy some of their favorite foods and stick to their weight loss journey. This past summer at our weight loss camp, girls were excited to…
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When it’s cold, it snows… a lot!!!

By: Joanna Matalliano Anyone that knows me knows I do not like the snow. At all. Why? Well first of all people cannot drive in the snow (I'm taking to you Virginia). Also, who likes wet pants and squeaky shoes? What I dislike the most about winter, and snow, is what it does to our…
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And 3 makes a habit….

By: Hannah Gill Did you know that it takes 3 weeks of doing a new behavior before it becomes a habit? How many times have we all decided ‘this week is the week I’m going to start making healthy changes’ and before the week is out given up? It’s not easy setting new healthy habits…
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