Exercise every season!

Have you ever said to your self : its too cold outside I'm not going to work out today? Think about it once the weather starts to change we come u with excuses. The big and bulky clothes we wear over the winter not only give us warmth but also give us more room to…
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Tip of the week!

Tip of the week!Sometimes we try to find excuses to not work out whether it is the fact that we have too much homework or lack of time to saying that we don't have a gym membership etc. No matter how many excuses we come up with all of these have solutions. Today I introduce…
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Happy Halloween!

Halloween Tips Hi Girls, Isn’t the year going quickly- I couldn’t quite believe it when I realized Halloween is just around the corner which means one thing: it’s almost holiday season. This time of year is always tricky and I thought Halloween would be a great chance to think about having foods you enjoy but…
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